domestically greenHey, there! I’m so glad you could stop by for the grand unveiling of my brand-spanking-new blog! I wish I could offer you some coffee or something, but this is a blog, so …

Those of you who know me well, know this isn’t my first blogging rodeo. A few years ago I started a blog called Mixtapes & Cupcakes. I wrote a lot about my life, my kids, my husband, the insane squirrels who rule our backyard, and I had a ton of fun writing it. But things like quitting my 15-year-career and starting my own business happened and that blog just sort of … unwound.

Flash forward a year, and here I am with a successful business and this sparkling new blog! Funny how life works.

This time around, my blog has a much clearer focus – trying to live a happier, healthier life. It’s not the type of blog I thought I would ever have. Goodness knows I’m not exactly the poster child for clean living (don’t get too close to me when I’m in the throes of a hangry, Whopper-craving tantrum). But I try. Every day. And it’s become my mission to help people try, too.

Because I know there’s a better way to take care of our homes and families. It is possible to get off the chemical-cleaning crazy train and find easier, healthier solutions to everyday cleaning problems.

Now – full disclosure here. I am a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant. A lot of what I talk about on this blog will relate to Norwex products. But I want to be clear. I didn’t start this blog because I’m a Norwex consultant. It’s not a job requirement. No one is making me – or paying me – to do this.

I started this blog, because I’ve been using these products in my home for the last couple of years (way before I became a consultant) and I’ve been blown away by what they can do. In fact, I can’t shut up about them. That’s part of the reason I became a consultant – I couldn’t stop talking about Norwex so I figured I might as well help people get their hands on it. And I still can’t shut up about it! I’m so passionate about this stuff, I need several social media platforms – including Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest – to talk about it!

Now, it’s been my experience that most people fit into one of these categories when it comes to Norwex:

1. You’re Never Heard Of The Stuff

If I say “Norwex,”  and you say, “Nor-what??” you’ll definitely want to click here. This page gives you the full rundown of what Norwex microfiber is and how it can make you a domestically green god or goddess.

2. You Have Norwex, You Just Don’t Know What To Do With It

One of my worst fears is that someone will buy these amazing products me, then once the package comes, they shove it under their sink and never look at it again.

I hope you aren’t one of those people. I would hate to think you wasted your money and the hour you spent sitting through my presentation.

Maybe you just went to the party for the free wine. But I’m guessing you bought the products because you were intrigued. Remember that butter demo? That could be your butter-less, streak-free window! So, let’s pull those babies out and see what they can do, huh?

I’ve got so many great tips to share with you. These products were meant to help you live more and clean less! In fact, once you start using them regularly, I just know you’re going to end up in the next category ….

3. You’re A Norwex Lover and Proud Of It
You’re the person who has nearly every product in the catalog. You know Norwex microfiber facts by heart (“There are nearly 10 million feet of microfiber in one Enivrocloth!”) and if someone even whispers the word “Norwex,” you’re like “Oh my god, I love, love, love the [fill in your top Norwex products here].”

If this describes you, you’re definitely going to want to subscribe to this blog. Heck, you might even want to consider becoming a consultant yourself!

So, no matter where you fit on the Norwex spectrum, I hope you will make it a point to stop back here! It really is possible to live more and clean less. I can’t wait to show you how!

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