About Me

Hello! Welcome to Domestically Green!

If you’ve found this site, I’m guessing it’s due to one of these things:

  1. You’ve heard a lot about how harmful regular household chemicals can be and want to “green up” your act.
  2. You want a clean, chemical-free home – one that sparkles and shines and smells like a fresh field of lavender – but don’t want to spend all your free time to get it.
  3. You like the idea of living sustainably, but, honestly, it seems like a LOT of work. You have more important things to do – like crochet your cat this awesome shark hat.shark hat
  4. Like me, you are a recovering DIY Green Cleaning Pinterest Board addict. You once spent your days pinning gorgeous photos of mason jars full of baking soda-based cleaners and reading up on the benefits of cleaning with vinegar. Now you’re tired of standing over your kitchen counter like a mad scientist mixing magical cleaning potions only to end up with a still-grimy bathtub and dingy laundry.
  5. My mother paid you to.

Whatever the reason, I am super stoked you’re here! Why? Because I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve been that tired, cranky, overworked mom desperately searching for a better way to do things but struggling to find the tools to help me.

I wanted to live sustainably and chemical-free but had no friggin’ clue how to make it work in my life without it either costing an arm and a leg to get it or taking up so much of my time it wasn’t even worth it.

But then I found something that ended up changing everything – something that not only impacted the way I took care of my home and my family, but sent me down an entirely new career path. I found Norwex.

When Jean Met Norwex

Let me tell you, it was not a love story at first. It was like going on a blind date. I had no idea what Norwex was or how it would fit into my life. And I was sort of concerned I might be getting involved with a cult.

I really wanted nothing to do with it. I was not the home-party-going kinda lady. But, I really liked the woman who invited me and just wanted to get to know her better, so I went to her “silly little Norwex” party.

I dutifully listened as she explained what microfiber was and how it worked and was honestly kinda getting into it. It was going to cut my cleaning time by nearly 75 percent after all, so heck yeah, I was thinking about boarding the Norwex train.

Then things got a little weird. I watched in horror as she smeared a stick of butter all over a mirror and I started to think maybe I had been fooled by this seemingly-normal woman. Was she freakin’ insane? She wasn’t really going to clean that off with that cloth, was she? Oh, yes, she was.

All I can saw is … mind blown. Here was a way to clean my house with just water (what???) and kick paper towels to the curb! Next, she showed me how the Body Cloth could help me ditch makeup wipes and facial cleansers and then wowed me with the Bathroom Scrub Mitt (no more daily shower cleaner – are you effin’ kidding me!)

I’ve been one of the nuttiest Norwex nuts since.

Life Changing Stuff

So, now I’m on a mission to help you live better, too. And not just with Norwex (although it is super helpful).  I want to explore all kinds of ways to tackle the domestic world and make it my bitch. Because, honestly, I have way better things to do besides clean my house. Like make this unicorn hat for my cat.

unicorn hat