What Is Norwex

If you’re new to Norwex, there’s probably one question looming in your mind – “What the heck is it?”

Maybe you have a friend or co-worker who keeps inviting you to her Norwex parties but you’re afraid to go because you fear you’ll be hauling home a $200 home waxing kit or a set of Norwegian aromatherapy candles.

Well you can stop avoiding your friend’s calls or hiding out in the bathroom whenever you see your co-worker heading your way. She (or he – men love Norwex, too) just wants to share the awesome world of microfiber with you. That’s not so scary, is it?

Not at all! In fact, Norwex is going to revolutionize the way you clean! That’s why your friend, co-worker, sister, hair stylist, barista, or whoever it is won’t shut up about it – because they’ve been to a Norwex party and have seen how amazing it is!

rainbow-packageNorwex Microfiber

Norwex has developed a superior microfiber cloth that can remove up to 99 percent of bacteria from a surface using just water alone when following proper use and care instructions. That means you can clean everything from your countertops, stovetops, sinks, tubs, and toilets with just a Norwex microfiber cloth and water. Whoa! Mind blown, right?

How It Works

The tiny strands in the cloth work mechanically – not chemically – to remove even the tiniest particles of dirt, debris and bacteria from a surface. Think of each of the strands (and there are nearly 10 million feet of them in one Envirocloth) as a tiny vacuum cleaner!

The Norwex Difference

There are a few things that set our microfiber cloths apart from other microfiber products on the market.

  • Density – To qualify as a microfiber, each strand needs to be at least 1/6 the size of a human hair. Norwex microfiber is guaranteed to be 1/200th the size of a human hair. Because our fibers are so small, we can pack more of them into a cloth, There’s nearly 10 million feet of microfiber in one Envirocloth! Which leads us to our second difference…
  • Quality – Because we can get more microfiber in a cloth, it cleans better! It’s why our cloths can remove nearly everything from a surface using just water! It’s sort of like the difference between driving a Pinto and a Lexus.
  • BacLock – This one is a big one! Nearly all Norwex microfiber contains BacLock. That’s a fancy way of saying our cloths have microsilver is embedded into the fibers  to give them self-cleansing properties. Silver is naturally antibacterial so when germs come into contact with it, they can’t survive. The microsilver allows the cloth to self-purify between uses, fighting the mold, bacterial odor and fungal growth that can occur in typical cotton cloths. No need to launder the cloth after every use! Just rinse and hang to dry – its as easy as that!

Now that you know everything you need to know about Norwex, I bet you can’t wait to get started, right? Well, you’re in luck! Just click here and I’ll get you set up!