Where To Start

So, you’ve heard about how amazing Norwex microfiber is and you’re ready to jump right in, but you have no idea where to start, right? No need to worry! Norwex offers a ton of solutions to your everyday cleaning problems! But here’s what I recommend to anyone who’s never used Norwex before. These three simple products will change the way you clean for good!

The Envirocloth

envirocloth-blueThe Envirocloth has earned the nickname “The Everything Cloth” for good reason – this cloth will replace nearly every cleaner in your home!

You will be amazed at what this cloth can clean with just water! You can used it to clean virtually every surface in your home! And all of our Norwex microfiber comes with a two-year warranty. Learn more here.

The Window Cloth

window-clothThe Window Cloth is the Bert to the Envirocloth’s Ernie – one just isn’t as good without the other. The Window Cloth is perfect for shiny surfaces that would typically streak, such as windows, mirrors, stainless steel appliances or granite countertops. Learn more here or purchase the Window Cloth and Envirocloth together here.

The Dusting Mitt

dusting-mitt-green.jpgWe all know dust is the one renewable resource in our homes, right? The Norwex Dusting Mitt will help take care of that! The mitt is woven in a way that creates static to draw dust up into the mitt and trap it so its not floating in the air. And since you don’t need to use any spray cleaners, there’s no residue left behind to attract dust to the surface – meaning you won’t have to dust as often! Learn more here or save money and get the Dusting Mitt, Window Cloth and Envirocloth in our Household Package.